TRI-2022 is inviting submissions for abstracts relevant to tinnitus and hyperacusis. Upon receipt of the abstracts, Dr Sylvie Hébert, the TRI-2022 Scientific Conference Chair and her committee will primarily select those abstracts that fall within the topics below. Presenters will be invited for oral and poster presentations scheduled over the 3 days. Additional abstracts outside the topics may also be selected based on quality and relevance.


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  1. Basic mechanisms of tinnitus – Human research (includes EEG, fMRI)
  2. Basic mechanisms of tinnitus – Animal research
  3. Basic mechanisms of hyperacusis
  4. Psychology of tinnitus (e.g., comorbidity, different models)
  5. Stress, auditory system and tinnitus/hyperacusis
  6. New ideas about tinnitus (includes insights from other disciplines)
  7. Heterogeneity of tinnitus - Can we diagnose the different sub-types of tinnitus and how (e.g. psychoacoustics, electrophysiology, imaging)?
  8. Heterogeneity of hyperacusis – Can we diagnose the different sub-types of hyperacusis and how (e.g. psychoacoustics, electrophysiology, imaging)
  9. Clinical management strategies (e.g., telehealth, technological advances)
  10. Reproducibility of findings in tinnitus research

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Information required for abstract submission:

  1. Name of corresponding author, affiliation, complete address, including email address
  2. Name of co-authors, affiliations, email addresses
  3. Title of abstract (max 120 characters)
  4. Primary abstract topic (choose from the above categories)
  5. Keywords (max 5)
  6. Upload abstract (max 500 words) by using the downloadable form (to be checked)

Abstract Title (Times New Roman, 14pt, Bold, max 120 characters):

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Background and Aim (Times New Roman, 12pt, Bold):

A brief Background outlining the wider context that generated the study and the specific issues or
hypotheses the study addresses (Times New Roman, 12pt, Normal).

Methods (Times New Roman, 12pt, Bold):

A brief Methods section with enough detail to ensure reproducibility of the research (Times New Roman,

Results (Times New Roman, 12pt, Bold):

A Results section that uses appropriate descriptive and analytic statistics to summarize data (Times New
Roman, 12pt).

Conclusion (Times New Roman, 12pt, Bold):

A Conclusion section that summarizes key findings, highlights antecedent literature on the topic, explains
what the current study adds to existing knowledge, and details the strengths and limitations of the current
research. (Times New Roman, 12pt).